This universal tractor transmission oil is exclusively designed for use in agricultural tractors’ transmission, differential & final drive, wet-multiple disc brake and hydraulic systems. Its innovative formula is based on the well balanced additive technology and superior quality base oils, which ensures better performance of driveline, wet-brake and hydraulic systems in agricultural tractors.

Recommended for use in transmission, differential & final drive gears and hydraulic system of agricultural tractors equipped with wet-multiple disc brake system. It is suitable for use in Mahindra & Mahindra, Sonalika and Swaraj tractors.
Health and Safety
These oils are not hazardous under normal conditions of use. For further guidance appropriate Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) may be referred.
Storage & Handling:

  • Indoor Storage is always preferable
  • Barrels should be kept horizontally with bunk position at 3 O’clock 9 O’clock position
  • Barrels should be kept away from dusty or heated areas.
  • During handling any contact with dust must be avoided.

Proprietary grade

    Performance Benefits

  • Superior anti-wear characteristic of this oil provides better protection to driveline systems. i.e. it increases the life of gears used in transmission, differential, final drive & axle systems and hydraulic aggregates.
  • Ensures excellent braking efficiency of wet-brakes due to its highly optimised frictional performance of additive system used and it eliminates brake chattering noise (squawk). This enhances the life of wet-multiple disc brakes thus reduced maintenance costs
  • Provides good protection against rust & corrosion to driveline gears and hydraulic system components
  • Better antifoam characteristics ensure effective lubrication of all gears and efficient functioning of hydraulic systems under all operating conditions
  • Possess good oxidative and thermal stability essential for the wet-brake / clutches operation
  • Excellent elastomer compatibility with the seals of hydraulic systems.
  • The viscometric of this oil enables smooth operation of tractor driveline and hydraulic systems in all seasons