Hydraulic Oil

OLEUM Hydraulic Oil are premium anti-wear hydraulic oils which are blended from hydro processed base oils and carefully selected anti-rust, anti-foam, anti-oxidants and anti-wear additives. They are fortified with very carefully selected anti-wear additives which are very effective during very high or low load working conditions. They also show exceptional hydrolytic stability and demulsibility and resist any deterioration due to water contamination. These oils are compatible with seals normally used in hydraulic systems. OLEUM Hydrol AW is designed to work with systems operating under severe conditions where high levels of anti-wear properties and high film strength are needed.

These oils are recommended for general hydraulic equipment in control and power transmission systems and for circulation equipments.

• IS 3098:1983 [Reaffirmed Sep. 2009]
• IS 10522:1983 [Reaffirmed Sep.2009]
• IPSS: 1-09-022
Our grades meet above specification for the respective viscosity grades.

Characteristics Table

Grade name K.V., cSt 40°C VI Flash Point COC, °C Pour Point °C
OLEUM Hydraulic Oil AW 32 32.2 105 220 -12
OLEUM Hydraulic Oil 46 46.5 105 226 -12
OLEUM Hydraulic Oil 68 68.3 104 238 -12