A.U.S 32

Oleum’s diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is produced by combining highly purified urea with ultra- pure demineralized water under clean, controlled conditions. The fluid is stored, shipped and dispensed using dedicated and compatible materials. Lot traceability is assured through rigorous quality control measures. Oleum’s diesel exhaust fluid works with all selective catalyst reduction systems (SCR) to significantly reduce nitrogen oxide (N0x) content in diesel engine exhaust streams. SCR is a new exhaust gas after- treatment technology that incorporates aqueous 32.5 % urea based diesel exhaust fluid to meet the latest emissions requirements.

Packing Sizes Available :-
210 , 20 Ltr

Meets ISO 22241 specifications

Characteristics Table

1 UREA MASS % 32.5
2 BIURET MASS % 0.3 Max
3 WATER MASS % 67.5
4 DENSITY@20*C g/cc 1.0882
*The specifications are subject to variations/development/customization