Oleum Cut SS

OLEUM Cut SS is premium quality soluble cutting oil blended from high solubility mineral oil, emulsifiers and a combination of performance enhancers. It forms an extremely stable milky emulsion when mixed with water. OLEUM CUT SS demonstrates very high emulsion stability is observed even with extreme hard water (400 ppm).

• Longer emulsion life
• Better tool life and finish
• Does not decompose chemically
• Does not leave objectionable odour
• Does not cause discoloration and staining of the work piece

This soluble cutting oil is recommended for use in a variety of cutting operations on ferrous and non-ferrous materials. It is used at water to oil ratios between 20:1 and 30:1

IS 1115:1986 [Reaffirmed April, 2013]

Characteristics Table

Grade Name K.V., cSt 40 °C Emulsion Test, 400 ppm Hard Water Cast iron Corrosion (No. of pits/area of staining-intensity of staining) Frothing Test, 200ppm hard water
OLEUM CUT SS 30 No oil/No cream 0/0-0 No froth